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What Can eMail Marketing Do For You

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Email marketing allows you to reach all prospects, regardless of geographic location, enabling you to provide your products and services to a larger audience than ever before.

Generate New Sales

With the highest click through rates on average of any digital marketing channel makes internet marketing the leading driver of sales online. Harness the power of the internet and grow your business.

Generate New Leads

With the ability to link, track and measure the traffic that goes through your marketing campaign, you have the ability to generate hot leads and guide them through the buyers’ journey.

Build Solid Relationships

The email inbox is the most personal haven for corporate and personal communication. Having the permission to frequent your customers’ inboxes places you in a fortunate position of being able to build a much stronger relationship. A happy customer is a paying customer.

Intergrate with Todays standard of Marketing

With the ability of proven email standards to integrate various marketing channels, including social media, your newsletter becomes the vantage point from which to launch any of your campaigns.

Burn in your Brand

By enjoying permission to frequent your customers and prospects’ inboxes you have the ability to build a stronger brand by being in front of them  with quality content, strong sustainable products, services and solid customer service.


Robert is tenacious and has magnificent technical skills. He accomplishes everything he sets his mind to with integrity and great passion. He consistently demonstrates creativity, flexability and wisdom in situations presented to him.–Paula Triana, R.D.. L.D./N. , Assitant Director School Food Service Department District's WPP Co-Lead

I have had the pleasure of working with Robert Canane over the past several years. Robert has developed my business logo and numerous promotional ads for my office ranging from high school and recreational sports banners, sponsor promotions for local charities and my most recent ads in the palm beach post. Robert consistently comes up with fresh and innovative ideas. He has the ability to see the message I want to present and make it better.–Randy Shults, PLLC SHULTS ORTHODONTICS PLLC

Robert Canane is in the process of producing an amazing web site for my Organic Produce Co. (Tree to Table Organics) He has far exceeded my expectations with this project and I am very excited to launch it. He is extremely diligent and has met all of my needs in a timely manner. He is truly the BEST in his field of work.–Kathryn Lomax, Tree To Table Organics

Robert Canane Design is the most creative design company I have dealt with in a long time. Robert’s photography is incredible and professional. His vision and communication create the perfect web site and marketing materials for clients with insight and creativity. The web site he designed for Nature Speaks Retreats was done with passion, vision and creativity. It communicates the organization’s mission beautifully through incredible photography and design. Nature Speaks Retreats is very happy with the work of Robert Canane Design and recommends him very highly.–Rachel Ibarra, Executive Director of Nature Speaks Retreats


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